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Picture of Tobin

Tobin James Mueller

Composer, playwright, poet, photographer.

Solo piano, jazz, funk, fusion, prog, classical, musical theatre...

Latest Release: Standard Deviations, Volumes 1 & 2
Back Cover, Standard Deviations
Tobin Mueller proves his originality, his inquisitiveness as a musician and a thinker, and his fluid, full throttle energy as a pianist. One continually has the sense that the piano is Mueller’s alter ego, and when he sits down to play, to arrange or improvise, he is engaging in an exciting dialogue of discovery with his inner self."
- Carla Maria Verdino-Süllwold, Fanfare Magazine
Album Cover: Afterwords Album Cover: Of Two Minds Album Cover: Flow Album Cover: Impressions of Water & Light Album Cover: Midwinter Born Album Cover: 13 Masks Album Cover: Come In Funky Album Cover: Rain Bather Album Cover: Standard Deviations Album Cover: Muller's Wheel Album Cover: Audiocracy Album Cover: 13 Masks Album Cover: Morning Whispers Album Cover: If I Could Live Long Enough Album Cover:  The Best of Tobin Mueller Album Cover: Song of Myself Album Cover: WONDER Album Cover: A Hard Place To Find
Album Cover: Listening Album Cover: September 11 Project Album Cover: To Save The Planet Album Cover: Creature
Tobin Mueller Masterworks Trilogy poster
Album Cover:  As Simple As Soap PR Photos Album Cover: Runners in a Dream Album Cover: Robin Hood
Tobin Mueller Masterworks Trilogy poster
Tobin collage.
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