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don’t go

this is what i want
to lift your chin and brush the tears from your eyes
that you might see through again to the world
without feeling like you have drowned

this is what i want
to frame your face with my hands
and speak honest words past your cheeks red with worry
and kneed your violet mouth back to life

this is what i want
to pull you full within me
as lover, my lover, you
and make your chin lift again

this is what i want
to just be happy
because of you
and i

let me rouse the i
in you
and let us be

i am yours
as you say like mirrors
we recite love


there are no futures, don’t be afraid
there are no endings, don’t feel helpless
there is only movement now, no certain path
yet our feet pad in rhythms together

please, dance with me this life?

to rhythms set by your hand in mine
your teeth at my ear
your breath beating
like a delicate heart

is all i can utter
i am reduced to this soft word
an exhale reaching like a kitten's tongue

but what i mean is always
love, what i am forever reduced to
this sweet inhale of sound
reaching inside

to places only you and i

Don't Go © 2000 by Tobin James Mueller
"Falling Past Love" published by ArtsForge Press.
All rights reserved.