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Morning Whispers
solo piano
Cover of Morning Whispers
Morning Whispers
available on YouTube Music, Apple Music, Amazon, Spotify

The music of Tobin Mueller is lyrical, subtly complex, and draws on a wide range of influences, resulting in a blend of New Age, Neo-Classical and Jazz that can only be described as Tobinesque. The romance of Chopin, the fancifulness of Gershwin, the rhythmic play of Brubeck, the harmonic innovations of Debussy, the grandeur of Copland and the grace of David Lanz can all be heard in these technically difficult yet easy to listen to pieces. From beginning to end, Mueller transcends styles and captures a kind of honesty and range of emotion that is breathtaking.

Morning Whispers is the result of a special commission designed to create a cycle of songs for solo piano dedicated to healing. To be sure, there is an overwhelming feeling of lovingness within these songs, but also a strong current of melancholy. More importantly, the pianist's sense of exploration and courage help bring to this music a depth that goes beyond the original intent. The end result is poetic and inspirational.

From its title and the peaceful ocean sunset on the CD cover, I expected Tobin Mueller’s Morning Whispers to be very calm and serene. Some of the ten tracks are bold and edgy while others are quieter and more reflective. Tobin Mueller brings to his music a wide variety of experiences as an award-winning playwright, author, composer of children’s music, photographer, and collaborator on cross-genre projects, as well as his work on global environmental issues. He has released several CDs, but this is his first solo piano CD and his debut with SiMig Media Records, a label that promotes independent artists who do most of their recording in their home studios.

Morning Whispers is a fascinating CD on several levels. It is not music that will stay in the background - it needs to be listened to - so if you enjoy original solo piano music with complexity, this is a great CD to sink your musical teeth into."

- Kathy Parsons, Mainly Piano

There are moments of innocence and simplicity, moments of cascading key changes and aural wonder, moments of passion and exultation. Many of the songs run 5-8 minutes, epic compositions that move in and out of themes with ease, displaying a brilliant sense of variation and virtuosity. The collection coheres as if it were a single piece.

Play button 1 Morning Whispers (3:09)
Play button 2 Just Above The Ground (5:28)
Play button 3 Between Breaths (5:08)
Play button 4 Eruption Of Previous Life (3:48)
Play button 5 Cut Flowers (4:05)
Play button 6 I Sail On (4:46)
Play button 7 Waltzing Night Into Day (4:18)
Play button 8 Emerald Path (6:17)
Play button 9 A Lifetime Ago (8:35)*
Play button 10 Under A Western Sky (7:12)

*based on music from Runners In A Dream, a 2004-2005 stage musical set in the Holocaust, music by Tobin Mueller, book & lyrics by Randyl Appel & Tobin Mueller.

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