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Tobin's photographs from Cape Cod and Nantucket

One of the best places on earth, I love to listen to the surf on Cape Cod, fill my mind with its images, and eat outdoors.

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Cape Cod & Nantucket...
Sun Through Bay Wave

I love how the sun illuminates the droplets shattering off the waves. Provincetown is in the background.
Magnolia Dance Sunset Through Grass

From a North Truro beach, sunset through grass, clouds on the water.
Distant Silhouette

The Schooner Lady II creates a distant silhouette under dramatic sunset clouds.
Safron fairies Lone Boat

A lone boat moored off Pilgrim Beach Village at sunset.
Two Bees
Sailboat & Gull

The molten water and washed do not notice the small sailboat and separate gulls as they pass.
Grape Hyacinth End of the World

Zoom on distant lighthouse, at the end of Cape Cod, just as sun fall beneath the clouds.
Tiger Lily
Gulls Over Undertow

Into The Fog

When the sun cannot be seen.
Driftwood 1

We have several colors of Azaleas. This year, the red ones put on a great show.
Driftwood 2

Interesting colors in the bleeched roots.

Dozens of butterflies sourrounded a handful of bushes. I capture one with 2 in the background.

At the Cape's end, just outside Provincetown, you can walk along this breakwater all the way to the furtherest lighthouse.
Sunset on Wet Sand

This may be the best sunset I've photographed. I think it was the reflective wet sand that I loved so much.
Storm Coming

Storm coming off the Bay at Pilgrim Beach Village.
Moss Roses
Sun Dog and Pole

Something magically lonely about sundogs, accentuated by the 18" pole stuck into the sand.
Diamonds on the Lens

Effects on the lens as sun comes over hill in early morning. I took this while on a bike ride, ocen side.
Tiger Lilies
Three Beach Homes

Flower boxes and a white picket fence mark this cozy grouping of beach houses in Provincetown.
Ghost Ship

I took a photo of the Schooner Lady II on a sunset cruise and the lighting made it look like a ghost ship from a dream.
Safron Sun
Maze on the Beach

This maze of seaweed seems hauntingly more meaningful due to the distant lighthouse beckoning.
Magnolias Starburst Hydrangeas

Two different flowers cluster on the blossoms of this unique hydrangea aside our house.
Cape Cod Morning
Beach Homes

Provincetown beach homes with Pilgrim Monument in background, under a classic Cape Cod sky.
Pilgrim Monument

The Pilgrim Monument in late night haze. Commemorating the signing of the Mayflower Compacts, the monument was designed by Willard T. Sears after the Torre del Mangia in Siena, Italy; built 1907–1910.
Snap Dragons
One Grass at Sunset

Another view of a Nantucket sunset.
Snap dragons Roses in Profile

I tried to capture the luminescence created by the lowering sun.
Under Heavy Sky

Nantucket from the top deck of the ferry as we port.
Brant Point Lighthouse

Postcard style photo of Brant Point Lighthouse with ferry from Hyannis Port in the background.
Main Street

A row of mansions lines Main Street, Nantucket, reminders of the golden age of whaling.
Three Bricks

The Three Bricks, built by mason Christopher Caspen, commissioned by Joseph Starbuck for his 3 sons during the golden age of whaling.
Stairs to Beach

Wooden stairs create a frame as they lead down to a hidden beach on Nantucket Island.
First Jail of New World

From the worn floor of the first jail constructed in the New World, Nantucket MA.
Moon over Sunset Sand

On beach of an inland lake on Nantucket, a full moon rises as the sun sets.
Island Sunset

Sun sets over the Atlantic and Nantucket's sandy beach.

I took dozens of windsurfing photos. This ended up my favorite, even though the ones of them jumping wildly into the air are better memories.
Sunset Beach Grass

The sun sets over the inland lake on Nantucket. Beach grass catches the motion of the wind.
Gull & Feet

There was something adoringly whimsical about this friendly gull so transfixed with Suzanne's feet.

My footprint on Pilgrim Beach, Cape Cod Bay.
Cape Panoramas...
Sunset Against the Windows

Pilgrim Village, North Truro,
with Provincetown in background
Sunset Against the Windows
Angel Wings

Sunset over the marsh just outside Provincetown MA.
Angel Wings
Only Sky

Incredible colors light up the sky above Cape Cod Bay.
Only Sky
High Lake

Inland lake panorama outside North Truro.
Only Sky
Morning Gulls

Gulls fly under a full moon just before sunrise at Pilgrim Beach Village, North Truro MA.
Morning Gulls
Morning Whispers
(Woman at Bay)

The photo used for my solo piano CD of the same name, taken from North Truro looking toward Provincetown.
Morning Whispers
The Storm Fades

The sun sets after a storm has past.
Storm Fades
Six Views of a Breezeway

Several times a day while staying at Pilgrim Beach Village (North Truro MA) we pass through this breezeway on the way to the beach and our Adirondeck chairs.

I took dozens of photos through the breezeway at various times of day. I also had the good fortune of having a full moon and the planet Venus passing through.

Photos were taken over a 5 day period, October 2005.
Six Views of a Breezeway
Nantucket Grass
(far left)

Swamp Cedars
(middle left)

(middle right)

Rain on the Lake
(far right)

These are unconnected verticle panoramas. Click on each image to view enlargements,
height: 1000 pixels.
Ocean Knoll

A grassy knoll overlooking the oceanside beach in Cape Cod.
Ocean Knoll
Gathering Seashells in Autumn

Suzanne combing the beach in her parka. The cottages behind are already closed for the season.
Gathering Seashells in Autumn
Pre-Winter Sky

Frozen crystals form in the sky in late October, North Turo MA.
Pre-Winter Sky
Pink Harbor

Sunset is just beginning in Provinicetown MA.
Pink Harbor
Provincetown Warf

Frozen crystals form in the sky in late October, North Turo MA.
Provincetown Warf
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