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All of these photos were taken in my yard. Suzanne tends the gardens.

Magnolia Dance

I tried to capture the glow within as the sun lowered - late afternoon.
Magnolia Dance Saffron Sun

Almost a silhouette as the sun frames flower and leaf.
Safron Sun
Trumpet Saffron Fairies

Like fairies playing jazz, every direction at once, these blossoms swing.
Safron fairies Classic Red

There is something so cultured, so human, so crafted about a tulip. They seem less wild than other flowers.
Red Tulips
Two Bees

My mother's favorite flower: moss roses. I was shooting a close up when 2 bees wrestled for pollen.
Two Bees Flaming Tiger Lily

I am trying to capture the inner radiance of these flowers. Like a flame.
Tiger Lily
Rhododendran Close-up

I love the details of the inner flower. This cluster was just budding.
Rhododenran Tiny Tall

These grape hyacinth are so small, but look like a magic forest close up.
Grape Hyacinth
Ted's Iris

My neighbor asked if I could photograph his irises.
Teds Iris Iris budding in the Sun

If you lie on the damp earth, perspective changes mightily.
Red Clusters

We have several colors of Azaleas. This year, the red ones put on a great show.
Red Azaleas Sunlit Rhododendran

The blue sky awash in sun is a perfect background.
Rhodo & Sun
Lilies Up Close

I am exploring the internal lives of flowers this Spring...
Lilies Morning Lilies

Colors change throughout the day. Capturing the early morning sun.
Budding Poppy

The paper fragile poppies try to hurry to escape the ravaging deer who will soon visit the garden.
Poppy Inside a Poppy

The inside of a poppy makes your imagination swoon as if it can affect your mind directly.
Moss Roses in the Wind

It's difficult to catch these flowers when they are dancing. There is a hint of the secret life within in this photo.
Moss Roses Tiger Lily in the Wind

Again, trying to catpure the secret intenal lives of these gorgeous flowers. I think this photo found some speaking mysteries.
Tiger Lilies
Magnolias at Sunrise

Each year, for 3-4 days, our magnolia tree is the center of the universe.
Magnolias Sun Through Azaleas II

The 2007 sun through a different shade of azaleas.
Capturing the Sun

The Sun is refracted through the transluscent petals of the Magnolia.
Magnolia Grape Hyacinth

Springtime brings a city of hyacinth. They look like they feel as if they're towering so high. So joyous.
Blue Daisies

When you are done looking at one thing, another wonder comes into focus.

Some blossoms are so beautiful, they look alien. Maybe that's because we don't notice the exotic nature within ourselves.
Lit Magnolia

Magnolia blossom lit by the setting sun. These blossoms only last a day or two. A wondrous show.
Starburst Hydrangeas

Two different flowers cluster on the blossoms of this unique hydrangea aside our house.
Starburst Hydrangeas
Preying Mantis & Moth

One of a series of six photos documenting the backyard drama of a hunting mantis.
Preying Mantis Four Bees

Four bees working a patch of white lace weeds that we love as much as our flowers.
Pink Rose

Nothing like a rose.
Cluster Dragons

This cluster of Snapdragons looks like something exploding from space when viewed very close up.
Snap Dragons
Iris Duet

Two irises dance together in the shade.
Snap Dragons Fleshy Flower

We have a bush of lillies that never bloom with symmetric beauty, but retain a fleshy weight that fascinates.
Shade Iris Unfolds

The outside petals create tri-symmetry in this inner life portrait.
Inner Life of Iris

New angles and different focus setting show yet another side to the inner life of these flowers.
Snap Dragons
Wind and Light

Condensed light overpowers as wind softens with motion.
Springtime Comes

Springtime comes to our backyard, 2007. Each year, each season, is so wonderfully unique.
New Roses

This is a new strain of genetically altered roses that are heartier and bloom spring through fall. Their flowers are almost transluscent.
Surrounded by Buds

We had a record number of rose buds this year. This photo captures early morning dew with sun glinting within.
Snap Dragons
Standing Dragons

A different angle on the Snapdragons. Its fascinating to look through the lens.
Snap dragons Roses in Profile

I tried to capture the luminescence created by the lowering sun.
The Red Shed

Nestled in the shade is the red shed, so quite and sturdy in the background.
Daffodils Catch Sun

The sun makes certain flowers nearly fluoresce. I love when the sun begins to fall and its time to open a bottle of wine...
Wood Pile

Insects use our wood much more than we do. A large fig bush used to sit alongside, until the deer consumed it.
Small Wood Pile

THis is the smaller pile of branches we pretend will be used as kindling some day.
Sunset on the Birch

Only on a few evenings do the sun's rays reach the birch, usually saded from the red and orange of sunset. The bird house has never seen it.
Ride the Rosebud

From this perspective, the risebud tree looks like a flower-ladened slope perfect for fairie sized sledders.
Burning Tree

Autumn brings out astounding colors in our Japanese maple.
Tulip Among Weeds

We don't plant tulips anymore. When they arrive, it si always a surprise.
November Mums

Every season has its own color, life, beauty, uniqueness. Autumn is my favorite.

Just outside our kitchen window is this magnificent bush. Like all things, a photo cannot truly capture it.
2008 Roses

It was a very good year for roses. I wanted to captyre them glowing beore they became too heavy to stand.
Spring Buds

There is great magic just before the flowers open all the way.
On The Daisies

This astounding butterfly has visited just once. I ran in a got the camera, in time.


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First Crocus

Spring trumpets.
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