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I am experimenting with close ups and creating a Portrait Series of photos
that can be arranged as collages or framed in groupings in order to create a sense of the multi-faceted person being portrayed...

My 18 year old daughter, Sarah.
SARAH collage Windy Eye

This is my daughter. I am reflected in her clear eye. I love the way her eyebrows look in the enlargement.
Windy Eye

My brother, a golden boy of whimsy and electrical engineering who loves music and always knows what time it is.
GREG collage Golden Whimsy

I took this photo, and all the others that contributed to his collage (left), in a hotel room in Wisconsin.

Our neighborhood policeman is nearing retirement. This collage illustrates lasting memories.
Policeman collage After Hours Joe

Joe lives near the river. He is sitting on his motorcycle at the river's edge for this relaxed portrait.
Joe - five panel

My son plays lacrosse for Marquette University. I wanted to take close ups to capture some of the post-workout sweat.
lacrosse collage Carl Blue

The best of the close ups.
Woody eye close up
Cape Cod Morning

Suzanne as she looks toward Cape Cod Bay as the sun comes up.
Cape Cod Morning Suzanne at Sun

She thought she looked like her father in this photo, which pleased her a great deal.
Self Portrait

A series of close up eyes treated in different manners and colors to illustrate moods and more. (Made for wide screen monitor.)
Tobins Eyes Original Stack of Eyes

This is the pre-messed with stack of five eyes I used to create the portrait collage on the left.
Tobin eye stack
Bride Kneeling

Just before entering the ceremony area, the bride takes a moment to reflect.
Chessboard Bride Leaving

Stepping out into the icy snow, the bride makes her way to the limo.
The Chessboard

The still life of our living room.
Chessboard Butterfly

This close up of a Monarch Butterfly was taken in Cape Cod.
Budding Poppy

The paper fragile poppies try to hurry to escape the ravaging deer who will soon visit the garden.
Poppy Ted's Iris

My neighbor asked if I could photograph his irises.
Teds Iris
Magnolia Dance

I tried to capture the glow within as the sun began to lower into lat afternoon.
Magnolia Dance Classic Red

There is something so cultured, so human, so crafted about a tulip. They seem less wild than other flowers.
Red Tulips
Singing Man

Close up of a scultpure by our neighbor and friend
Joel Flora.
Singing Man Morning Lilies

Colors change throughout the day. Capturing the early morning sun.
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