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Let Yourself
from Hard Place To Find by Tobin Mueller
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words and music by Tobin Mueller

What will you do if you can’t find it?
What if the world is not the kind you can bear?
Would you share a place of solitude
Where nothing need be true,
Just you and me
And all the dreams that we might conjure and carry?

Let yourself dream what you choose
Without fear of losing
All the world has fled, so go ahead and dream.

There’s a knowledge inside you…
That there is something more to each life that’s lived,
Each life imagined.

Let yourself fall through the stars,
Once so far away and hard,
To a future of hope and wonder
In which a simple girl survives only to arise a hero...
Another storied shining light: A hero.

Let yourself dream what you choose
Without fear of losing
All this love that binds, just go and find your dream.
Just go and find your dream.
You will surely find your dream.

There’s a vision inside you,
That you are something more than what people see,
Something holy.

And if you let yourself walk in this dream,
Let me walk with you;
We will find a way to make the dream come true.
We will find a way to make the dream come true.
We will find a way.

©2004, 2006, 2013 Tobin Mueller
from Runners In A Dream by Tobin Mueller/Randyl Appel

Liner Notes

Song Notes: In many ways, this song is an epilogue to the four song medley that leads up to it (Alfie/No More/Heaven/Show The Way). An alternative ending, in a way, to a journey that cannot find its way into paradise. I like the way the light, high piano figure cleanses the ears, creates a kind of froze river one can skate away on.

This song first appeared in a musical I wrote with Randyl Appel (Runners In A Dream) about a little girl trapped in the horrors of the Holocaust. It was titled "Let Your Dream" then. I dropped the Dream because I felt it limited the song's scope too much. The song is about the vision inside each of us, not mere dreaming.

Hard Place To Find

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