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Bring On The Storm
from A Bit Of Light by Tobin Mueller
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Cover me like rain.
Run me along the streets.
Cover me, wash me over like thunder.
Catch in your palm every sweet grain and leaf.
Trace me around the jagged edge of light...

Face me, trace me, grace me with the jagged edge of light

...cauterize the distance between
this storm and me,
between every echo.

And like the rain I touch the glass.
And like the rain I fall too fast.
And like the rain I take a bit of light from heaven.

And as the rain that falls away
I soon grow cold and cannot say
And all my brittle little life dries on my tongue.

Please shape me, aweigh me, translate me into illusion.
Mutate me, satiate me, lib’rate me with your confusion.

Inflate me, filtrate me, anticipate me like the winds.
Radiate me, ideate me, permeate my soiled dusty sins.

Cover me. Give me shape, give me form.
Cover me. Let me drape my heart around the coming of the storm.

Bring on the storm.

...like the rain I touch
...like the rain I fall
...like the rain I take a bit of light from heaven.

...as the rain that falls away
...I soon grow cold and cannot say
...all my brittle life... dries away.

©2001, 2007 Tobin Mueller

Liner Notes

Song Notes: I wanted to create a lovely sense of being surrounded by expectation, reaching into anticipation with a luciously reckless abandoned. But also include a sense of separation, of being merely the pane of glass, the drying leaf, the single drop of rain.

The nylon string classical guitar is actually me playing a synth.

A Bit Of Light

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