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Can't Complain
from A Bit Of Light by Tobin Mueller
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I can't complain for all the pain that might have been.
I can't complain, each moment had it's place.
Friendships and bonds unbroken over time,
as shallow as they are...

When I was young I couldn't lose.
I didn't care. My life was full.
So unaware of what was missing,
until I found you there.

Can't compare. Can't complain.
Had to be... all my life's led to you, now I see.
Needed time (needed everything) to make sure,
(so that I'd be sure),
to mature into this person you met,
to be ready, ready for you.
Beyond regret.

Mistakes I made, I use every one of them,
and made my way into your arms.

Can't compare. Can't complain.
Needed time (needed everything) to make sure
(so that I'd be sure)
...to be ready, ready for you.
And here I am, right in front of you,
as if I'd always been waiting.
Here I am, right in front of you.

I can't imagine living one moment over again.
Can't complain.

Why would I leave this perfect place where I am?
Memories are fickle. They are less than I'd once hoped.
But with you I know that I can,
that at last I can transcend...

©2003, 2007 Tobin Mueller

Liner Notes

Song Notes: The year we were married, Suzanne and I wrote this song together. Actually, it began as a chord progression my son, Anton, brought in to work on for his band. It morphed into something much softer. Anton plays the acoustic guitar on the track.

The lyrics are from a letter Suzanne wrote to me. I rearranged them to better go with the music, but they are all hers. I love their authenticity, humility, certainty and truthfulness.

Martin Kemper-Smith provides the stellar violin work. Aside from Anton's guitar, I play all other instruments.

A Bit Of Light

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