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Door In My Heart
from A Bit Of Light by Tobin Mueller
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What changes us, arranges us,
soon estranges all we once held near,
justifies our want and lapse,
these boundaries called a man?

What merges us, and furthers us,
then diverges from what was once dear,
binding what we are to what we fear?

What chooses us, excuses us,
then confuses what was once so clear,
tearing up in daily life
answers once so true and real?

What traces us, embraces us,
then replaces in one silent tear
the ocean of a living soul...
when love is locked away?

There’s a door in my heart,
a door without a key.

What summons us, condenses us,
and shatters self-defenses thus?
What can bring us joy again
if love is locked away?

I thought I’d lived all that I could of life...
and then you walked in.

There’s a door in my heart and it’s opened to you.
There’s a door to that greater part of me.
There’s a door that was locked and hidden away.
Only you take me through that threshold.
Only you open up the world.

Open up that secret world.

What dreams us, forms between us,
what redeems us in this happy way?
What makes us worth our lives again,
if love is locked away?

©2004, 2007 Tobin Mueller

Liner Notes

Song Notes: One of the best things about running auditions for Broadway musicals is the variety of songs people bring to tryout with. After sitting through hours of auditions for one of my shows, I came home with a song from Chess in my head. After I got back home, I sat down and came up with this chord progression and melody. The next day I wrote the lyrics. During the chorus, I wanted a tenor voice, something that reminded me of that young actor had tried out (but didn't get the part, sadly). I had my son sing the high notes, completing the chords. Three years later, I added B3 organ, finally making the recording feel finished.

Suzanne and I used to drive down the West Side Highway singing this tune as the top of our lungs. Good memories.

A Bit Of Light

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